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This is the Pagan Directory listing of all Pagan oriented or affiliated Groups, Covens, Temples, Churches, Traditions etc. from around the world.  Many people over the years have stressed interest in joining or finding a place that they belong, but having no way to find where to go.  They have moved to another state or country and do not know where to begin to find others like themselves.  

This Pagan Directory was formed for this purpose.   We do ask if you can help by donating to our fundraising efforts for our temple which is greatly appreciated, though it is not required.  Just fill out the form provided.  If you are a Clergy please do add your name and information as you would like it to be shown. and we will add you to the clergy listings.  If you are already listed here and wish to add further contact information just email us at


     NRG-card-1  NETWORK FOR THE REALIZATION OF THE GODDESS                                                         New York, New York                                                              


Logo WFT  NYC WICCAN FAMILY TEMPLE         P.O. Box 35, New York, NY 10276                                              


TOT-Sticker-designTOTLamen_SmallTEMPLE OF THELEMA   Box 156, New York,  New York  10185


Logo WFTAPSLogo WFTAPS Dragon1THE ACADEMY OF PAGAN STUDIES          P.O. Box 35, New York, New York  10276                                  


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