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WitchsFest 2016    

Thank you for choosing to advertise with us.

 Please choose which size Ad space you wish to place with us.

All advertising material must be in png, jpeg or gif format. Use File Upload below or email it to

*Sizes are relative and based on percentage of the page.  The finished program is 5”x 7.5”.  This is just a sample of the sizes and prices available.

Ads/print will be B /W & Color (all color ads are $10.00 more).  Cover and center pages are in color:

$25.00  Business Card Size 3″ x 2″ or  2″ x 3″  B & W

$35.00  Business Card Size 3″ x 2″ or  2″ x 3″ Color

$40.00  1/4 page  B &  W

$50.00  1/4 page Color

$55.00   1/2 page B & W

$65.00  1/2 Half page – color

$80.00  Full page B & W

$100.00  Full page color

Due to the supply and demand of the Program in 2016, we only had 250 programs printed which was quickly gone.  We were out of everything to quickly, so in order for us to print more programs this year, we will be sending it out to printing earlier, shooting for minimum 500 programs for 2017.  

Deadline for Ads is June 15/17.

Any questions email:








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