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What is WitchsFest USA?                                                                                            WitchsFest is a fundraiser festival for those interested in paganism and new age.  This exciting event will be held on Sunday, July 8th, 2012 in Union Square Park, New York City from 10am to 7pm.  WitchsFest USA will feature a large vendor market, workshops, children’s events, a pagan panel, local pagan groups, a Solstice Ritual and live entertainment.

How did the event begin?                                                                                               In 2011, the NYC Wiccan Family Temple conceived the idea of a summertime witch celebration and fundraiser.  The initial idea was to do a 2-3 day event, culminating with the biggest part of the event on the Sunday. We are presently doing a one day event for now.  As it grows we may change and adapt.  No we are not an original concept as WitchsFest USA is an off-shoot from Witchfest International and many other Pagan and Witch Festivals across the USA.   Like our forebearers,  WitchsFest USA aims to gather those who follow and/or are interested in paganism, new age and the many related interests.

How is the Festival funded?                                                                                          The primary source of funding for WitchsFest USA is from sponsors, vendors/merchants etc. WitchsFest USA and Wiccan Family Temple receives no governmental funding.

What organization is running this Festival?                                                                  The NYC Wiccan Family Temple is the organization running WitchsFest USA.  It is a local New York City pagan group which has been offering open ritual circles celebrating the Esbats and Sabbats since 2005.  We also offer classes at WFT Academy Of Pagan Studies in Theology and WitchCraft 1st – 3rd Degree and then on to The University of Pagan Studies for all after 3rd Degree who wishes to master certain topics.

Who benefits from the Festival?                                                                                    The purpose of WitchsFest USA is first and foremost to raise funds to purchase property to house the Wiccan Family Temple within New York City. This place would be where pagans of all traditions can have space of their own to meet, learn, share and celebrate.

Who benefits from the Festival?                                                                                      The Wiccan Family Temple has provided open circles for both the monthly full moon celebrations as well as the eight seasonal sabbat rituals. The Wiccan Family Temple also provides a series of classes set up in three degrees for those wanting to learn specifically about wicca and paganism in general. The Wiccan Family Temple has been offering these services since 2005. The funds provided would aid us in providing a permanent space with classrooms as well as space for rituals. We would also like to share our space with other local groups so that they may have the same.

WitchsFest is staffed entirely by Volunteers and Friends of the NYC Wiccan Family Temple.

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