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Welcome to the Wiccan Family Temple. A Haven for all of like minds…”  
Founded on July 4th 2007. The Wiccan Family Temple tradition at its core, is a practice based upon many traditions. This core tradition has been conceived by two eclectic witches by harmonizing and synergistically blending time honored tradition(s) into practical modern based witchcraft.”
A non-profit 501(c)3



PLEASE JOIN US ON The Priestess View Radio Show- LIVE FROM
A show ran by 2 Witches who welcomes all Pagans, of 18 yrs and up, all races, traditions, creed to view, learn, study, talk with us and make suggestions of shows or topics you would like us to cover.
The Priestess View’s Radio Show Group  will feature all of our show links from Blog Talk Radio to YouTube ready for you listening and viewing pleasure.  All of our Spells, tips, recipes, that is talked about on our shows.  You will be able to view books suggested, and listen to shows by some of these authors.  View the past chatrooms conversations and keep up with all that Goddess Rhonda and Goddess Starr does with the Show.
In order for us to grow with you and best keep up with your needs, we have formed this group, with growth of needs in mind.  We thought why not create a safe haven for us to take this into the future. So please do join us on this amazing journey, and come grow with us.  And please do invite those you think will enjoy this journey as well.
With highest regard and absolute respect for all in this group, that is our moto going forward.
Blessed Be!



Check us out at WFT Academy Of Pagan Studies
We offer Studies from 1st – 3rd Degree – and on to Priest and Priestess or eventually to be ordained by the NYC Wiccan Family Temple.
A non-profit 501 c(3)


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