Gregg Sicari



Has studied Witchcraft and Tarot for over 35 years Under Reverend Laurie Cabot HPS (The Official Witch of Salem) and is a 2nd Degree Cabot Priest He is a Psychic Spiritual Intuitive, clairvoyant, teacher, occultist & tarot Reader. He hosts the wicked Witches of The North New Age Festival& Psychic Fair in Rochester NH and presents, teaches & reads across the U.S, at his Shoppe, “Under the Moon Shoppe” in Rochester N.H and In Salem Massachusetts during October
Gregg Star writes for the Cabot Hermetic Temples Newsletter and is writing a book (Punk rock Witchcraft) to be published in October of 2018.
Gregg is The (Wicked Witch of the North) a Psychic Spiritual Intuitive, clairvoyant and Tarot Reader.
SATURDAY WORKSHOP: Personal Protection and Defense Majick
Can come in many different forms depending on the practice or tradition of the person performing The Majick , Gregg Sicari will cover techniques used in personal Protection and defense Majick to repel and defend against psychic harm or attack as described in his Book Punk Rock Witchcraft



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