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Kenya Coviak is Detroit’s Pagan Journalist, Activist, Magical Teacher, Family Service Worker, and the creator behind Detroit Conjure and Folk Magic Festival. Presenter ConVocation, Michigan Pagan Fest, Pagan Pride Day Detroit, Bluewater Pagan Conference, Pagan Pathways Temple, and more. Editor PBN News Network. Contributing writer: “Peppermint & Sage Magazine”, “The Good Witch’s Guide” by Shawn Robbins & Charity Bedell, and PBN News Network.
SATURDAY WORKSHOP: Incense Uses for Fun and Fancy
In this workshop, we will go over a few fun things you can do with incense other than just make the room smell good. Bring a note pad.
SUNDAY WORKSHOP: Blood, Stone, Herb, and Bone
Incense Compounding for the Practitioner – Adults (18+ Only)
In this workshop, we will get our hands dirty and practice the handling, sorting, and creation of working witches’ incense using materials of the natural world. The participants will learn how to identify intention, focus energy, charge, and store the compounds properly.
Kenya Warning:
I am not a safe place to be in if you do not have a sense of humor, I like to shock at times. I swear sometimes. I also use all manner of spell components. I like the Wiccan Rede, the whole thing, but it is not my constitution of conduct.
Gentle Magician’s Discretion is advised
A material fee of $10 to cover the supplies is needed for this
class. Reference guides will be on hand.

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