Lady Althea


Lady Althea was initiated into the Welsh Tradition by Lord Gwydian and Kaye Smith circa 1975 and became the High Priestess at 16 of the Teen Coven of the Children of Branwen. She and her partner at the time, Lord Fenris (Eddie Chieco) were practically raised at the Warlock Shop and later the Magickal Childe. She currently resides in the NorthWest with her husband of 21 years, World renowned Alchemist,Robert A.Bartlett. She has a forthcoming book , The Pagan Alchemist that will be available on
SUNDAY WORKSHOP:   Pagan Alchemy
An Introduction to making powerful elixirs for Magick and Medicines using the Principles of Spagyrics, (To separate and recombine),and the Three Essentials. This Ancient Art was taught amongst the Priesthood of Ancient Egypt and spread far and wide across the Continents. Al(from the Arabic) Khemi (Khemia the black earth of the Nile) became Alchemy. 

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