Queen Mother Imakhu


Queen Mothee Imakhu 1

Artist, ordained Khametic pastor, healing minister, motivator, teacher, scholar, author, and lecturer. Water priestess. Rev. Dr. Queen Mother Imakhu has been an active participant in and observer of the modern African Khametic movement for a long time. She has witnessed and experienced the triumphs and tragedies of Khametic cultural reclamation. Queen Mother Imakhu, “Renegade Wise Woman,” is blazing a new path toward making African Khametic culture and spirituality relevant to today’s world through her practice of Shenu spirituality. Shenu, in Khametic language, means “harmonious, protective circle.” Her teachings urge people to take responsibility for who is in their circle, and to be accountable. Asserting Khametic protocols, yet establishing new traditions. Her realistic perspective, and her cavalier Afrohemian style have brought her a vast global following. Over the course of her forty year career, Queen Mother Imakhu has edutained the young and young-at-heart in schools, museums, festivals, theaters, retreats, and special events. The broadcast mic has given Queen Mother the ear of the local and global community. She has hosted/produced her own public radio shows, JUXTURES and REACHING FOR THE SKY, the AM radio show, ETCHINGS, and hosts her popular Internet radio podcast, UAT TAU: KHAMETIC PATH TO PEACE, NUBIA GODDESS RISING, RENEGADE WISE WOMAN, and the TV/Radio shows, ASHE! Queen Mother Imakhu has reaffirmed the divine feminine power of the sacred drum and “Drum Talk.” Her powerful performances and workshops have inspired women (and men!) all over the world to get a drum. Queen Mother shares how the drum was and is a healing instrument from an African perspective, and how drum circles teach community caring. She teaches her Drums of Compassion program to Elementary School children throughout Essex County, NJ.
Queen Mother Imakhu, “The Renegade Wise Woman,” calls her music style, “Afrohemian Folk” – traditional, and her original songs in the Kametic (Ancient Egyptian) language, African/African American folk songs, “Goddess Gospel, ” and her version of popular Pagan chants. Queen Mother Imakhu’s sultry, soulful voice, accompanied by her acoustic guitar, or her African percussion, has brought her a diverse global audience. With talents including being master storyteller and poet, Queen Mother’s engaging command of stage and colorful communication has made her an audience favorite.

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