Rev. Donald Lewis




Internationally known psychic reader, teacher, and author of the Witch School series
Rev. Don Lewis is an accomplished clairvoyant and Tarot reader with over a quarter century of experience as a professional psychic reader. Rev. Don Lewis is co-founder of Witch School -the worlds largest online school of metaphysics- and author or Witch School’s First, Second, and Third Degree courses as well as Ritual in Theory and Practice. Rev. Don has appeared on numerous television and radio programs over the last thirty years and is the host of Magick TV’s Living the Wiccan Life andInteractive Grimoire series. Author of the Witch School’s series of books 1st through 3rd Degree Books and Ritual in Theory and Practice and Living the Wiccan Life.
Rev. Don Lewis is First Priest and Chancellor of the Correllian Tradition (, President and co-founder of Witch School (, Production Head for Magick TV (, Executive Publisher for The Daily Spell (, as well as bring an Arch Priest of Isis (FOI), Knight Grand Commander in the Noble Order of Tara, and member of the Triad Union. Rev. Don is the author of the Witch School series of Books and Ritual in Theory and Practice, among other offerings.
FRIDAY WORKSHOP:  Pagans and the Media
This workshop will discuss the interaction between Pagans and the media, and how to achieve positive outcomes from working with media. The workshop will also discuss the impact of the media on the Pagan community as well as how Pagans can use new media to improve our image and public perception.
SATURDAY WORKSHOP: Correllian Soul Retrieval
This workshop will discuss the nature of the Soul and of Soul Retrieval. The Correllian Tradition uses a unique form of Soul Retrieval to release blockages within the Soul, reconnect with lost energy and release Karmic attachments. The workshop will teach the Correllian form of Soul Retrieval so that attendees may perform it for themselves as needed.
SUNDAY WORKSHOP:  The Nature of the Soul, Incarnation, and Karma
This workshop will discuss the nature of the Soul, ideas about incarnation and reincarnation as well as parallels, probabilities and dimensionalities, and the creation and releasing of karmic attachments, all from a Correllian point of view.

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