Rhonda Choudry


Priestess Goddess Rhonda Harris-Choudhry has been utilizing her psychic gifts since she was a teenager. She is a Goddess High Priestess and manifestation expert as well as a consummate psychic reader, counselor and healer. She is the Founder of the Goddess Spirituality Online Temple and Learning Circle One which she created to facilitate her goal to spread the healing, nurturing message of the Goddess worldwide by doing online ceremonies for the Sabbats and Esbats with the hopes of reaching solitary practitioners who do not have a local coven to join and do ceremony with. Goddess Rhonda has made it her mission to empower people by teaching them about their innate gifts and how to use them effectively to improve their health, life and happiness.
She also created the Pagan YouTube Live talk show called the Priestess View where she and cohost Starr Ravenhawk discuss issues affecting the Pagan community as well as having guests renowned for their books, knowledge and contributions.
She offers advanced training to practicing Light Worker and Metaphysicians by helping beginners to pin point and enhance their abilities as well as helping seasoned Light Workers to hone their skills.
She specializes in training Empaths to regain control over their lives and over 148,000 people have been helped by her YouTube tutorials and over 188,000 have been helped by her articles on raising your energetic frequency.  She is also a highly experienced and successful at detecting and removing entities from homes and people and restoring peace and Divine blessings.
As a part of her mission to teach empaths as well as all metaphysicians how to stay healthy and happy, Rhonda creates free video trainings that can be viewed on her YouTube Channel. You can watch her shows, tutorials and temple ceremonies here (click on playlists and click on the ones of interest):  http://www.youtube.com/user/Azjua7/featured. You can view her website here: www.healinghennagoddess.com
FRIDAY WORKSHOP:  How to Customize Your Magick to Work Specifically For You
Can’t get your spells to work? Utilizing spells from various books and sources may work just fine for many but for others, they may not. This is because the spell was written with belief and energetic systems that worked for the author but might not necessarily work in harmony with your own energy and the Patron Elements and Spirits that were assigned to you at birth to assist you. These are the custom Elements and Energies that will work with and enhance your own power and ability to get what you want. This course will teach you how to customize any spell by helping you discover and utilize your own Patron Elements, Planets, Deities and Dominant Psychic and Magickal Senses and Power so that all works harmoniously with you to truly help you achieve your goals.
SATURDAY WORKSHOP:  Clearing and Strengthening Your Energy and Force Field to Become a Magickal Power House
Need to get your power on? Your spirit is a source of inestimable power but that power can be blocked by the adverse energies you come in contact with on a daily basis. These can be from your own concerns and ailments and also from the adverse energies that others are projecting that your kind soul absorbs. These energies substantially block your flow of power that you put into your magickal works and can also block your natural energetic force field that protects you from these adverse energies. This course will teach you how to cleanse and power up your inner and outer energetic bodies to make you a clean and powerful magickal machine!
SUNDAY WORKSHOP:  How to Use the Techniques of the Creation Goddesses and Gods to Manifest Your Desires
Need help creating the life of your dreams? The Creation energy of the Fertility Goddesses and Gods are not used strictly for creating life through children. They also used to create what you want in your life such as love, prosperity, good health, good fortune etc. This course will teach you an ancient technique of Creation Magick that is far different than what you may have been taught and will help you unleash a force within you that can take your magickal practice to a new and more powerful level.
You can visit her FaceBook page here: https://www.facebook.com/GoddessRhonda/

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