Sharon Day



Sharon began a journey of intensive magical discovery in 2010 to help her understand some of the unexplained occurrences happening in her life at the time, and in doing so, discovered the Art of Witchcraft. Her impassioned search for training and experience took her from London to Australia, to the United States, and back to London again where, fortuitously, she became the personal student of Maxine Sanders, a prominent Witch and co-founder of the Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft. Sharon has taken on the mantle of historian of the Alexandrian Tradition and practices Witchcraft in her Coven in London.
FRIDAY WORKSHOP:  The Lively and Living History of Alexandrian Witchcraft
When Sharon set out on her magical journey in 2010, fate and circumstance led her to the Alexandrian Witchcraft path of initiation. While the draw of this Tradition created by Alex and Maxine Sanders was apparent, she found that documented history, texts, imagery, sound recordings, ephemera, and sources about the new religion were scant and scattered.
For all the Alexandrian covens, witches and lineages that exist today today, it was perplexing that there was a plethora of source material for Gerald Gardner and Gardnerian Wicca yet little for Alex and Maxine Sanders and Alexandrian Witchcraft. In fact, unbeknownst to many recent generations of Wiccans, the First Edition of ‘What Witches Do,’ authored by Stewart Farrar, was based on numerous taped interviews with Alex. Later editions of this work were edited and photographs removed thus altering the original essence.
Curiosity and a refusal to allow historical accuracy to be lost to the mists of time – especially while many of the Old Ones, including Maxine, are still with us, is what drove Sharon to make it her mission to create a living, breathing, online archive to which those who touched or influenced by this revival Witchcraft Tradition, can contribute.
Join her as the Magic reveals itself . . .
SATURDAY WORKSHOP:  Q & A –  This is an opportunity to question an Alexandrian Priestess trained by Maxine Sanders.
SUNDAY WORKSHOP:   The Power of the Centre of the Circle
“There comes a time when one has to pause the reading, put down the books and trust in Self” – this is one of those times.

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