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Starr RavenHawk has been organizing and serving the New York City Pagan Community since 1995, she has enjoyed sharing with others her many passions of the Craft providing lectures, workshops, public rituals, celebrations and festivals.
Formally trained in the Cabot Tradition in 1994 and 1995 completing her 1st and 2nd degree under the wise teachings of her Elder Laurie Cabot.
In 2007 she Founded the NYC Wiccan Family Temple, WFT Academy Of Pagan Studies and Dragan Academy so our children can begin to learn and be raised in our paths. and
In 2012 NYC Wiccan Family Temple became recognized as a 501c3 status. And additionally becoming the first Pagan Temple able to ordain its Priest and Priestess in the New York City and State.
Began organizing and running the 1st Annual WitchsFest USA, a fundraiser for the NYC Wiccan Family Temple to help attain our own space in NYC. Come join us at this amazing summer Pagan Street Faire in the Heart of New York City.
Over the years she has performed many Dedications, Wiccanings, HandFastings, House Blessings, House Clearings and Cleansings, Protections, Rites of Passages, Memorials and Last Rites.
She is a Reverend, High Priestess, Teacher and Elder ~ Intuitive Witch. Tarot Advisor and Candle Therapist with over 25 years’ experience. Teacher of Tarot, WitchCraft studies, Spell Crafting, Theology and much, much more.
2017 became a Certified Adult & Youth mental health counsellor in how to assess a mental health crisis; select interventions and provide initial help; and connect persons to professional, peer, social, and self-help care. Trained in specific illnesses like anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and addictions.
For young people a variety of mental health challenges common among adolescents, including anxiety, depression, psychosis, eating disorders, AD/HD, disruptive behavior disorders, and substance use disorder.
In the process of attaining the title of Certified Instructor of Mental Health First Aid Counseling.
Owns and operates Thank you all for patronizing this store for all your ritual supplies it has supported the Wiccan Family Temple and kept it going over the years.;; and
FRIDAY WORKSHOP: Witching For Your Life – The Art of  The Warrior Witch
• There’s a little bit of witchery in all of us
• Daily Magickal Tidbits you must know and work with
• The Witch’s survival kit
– A Witch does what a Witch must do!
– Gators, Swamps, Crocs, Scarabs, Mummies oh my!
– Your weapons of choice
Working with your many lifetimes and bring forth all of you past lives skills into the now, for you to work with as a warrior Witch. Gather and hone those many skills into being the badass you.
Learn to create your own personal survival kit that’s adaptive to you. No one else can do what you do. 
SATURDAY Workshop: Cleansing and Clearing your home of Spirits & Entities
What are spirits?
What are entities?
Can they be removed?
Feel like someone was just standing behind you? Got chills, goosebumps, or a heavy feeling when walking into a room?
Did you catch something move past you out of the corner of your eye? Heard walking upstairs? Or whispers down the hall?
It’s likely a Spirit that you know personally – such as a family member, friend, or Spirit Guide.
Most people are unaware of the presence of non-physical energies and beings that can actively interfere with their energy and emotions and also the atmosphere of places such as a house or room.
Many are plagued by spirits and entities of different types in their homes, in this class you will learn how to how to clear them from your homes and your lives.
SUNDAY WORKSHOP: Working with the Dead
Join Rev. Starr RavenHawk as she takes you through the looking glass to work with the dead.
• Respect for the Dead and the Queen of the Dead
• Conversing with the Queen of the Dead
• Fascinations with Cemeteries
• Working with the Gods and Goddesses of the Dead
• Working within the Cemetery
• Working with graveyard dirt
• Learning to listen to the dead
• And much much more
Many think they know how to work with the dead and those beyond the veil, while many have blundered into their grounds and inadvertently desecrated much within, so let’s take that look beyond and explore your many options. 

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