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Seating is limited for all indoor classes held on Friday so REGISTER early.


Visit Your Past & Remove Attachments



    • Past life Regression

    • Past Life Revoking

    If you think you are ready to let go of your past life and its many ties that may still be attached to you.  Many that has held you back, bogged you down and wouldn’t let go, then it’s time to do what’s necessary, then let’s take that journey.

    With Meditation and Ritual  and



Communicating with Spirit Guides


From the time we are born, each of us have guides from the spirit world, assigned to see us through our journey in this life. Sometimes, they change as the situations in our life do, sometimes they remain, helping us through difficult life situations, warning of danger, comforting us, and pointing us in the right direction.
In this workshop, you will learn how to open yourself up, and to effectively communicate with your Spirit Guides. Learn their names, who they are, and what their role in your life is.
You will learn about the four ways in which spirits communicate: Through dreams, telepathy, knowingness, and physical or audible manifestation, and how opening the lines of communication can enhance your life.



The Enchanted Formulary Workshop: Blending Magickal Oils For Love, Money, and More


Join Lady Rhea, author of The Enchanted Formulary, as you learn how to create your own magickal fragrances. The proper oil blends and fragrances are essential to many magick spells. Whether it’s candle burning, incense, diffusers, floor washes, baths, or essentially any magick that requires fragrance, understanding many of the basic single scents and what they are used for help make your fragrance-based spells work better!
Lady Rhea has been creating her own special formulas since 1972, when her career began in The Warlock Shop in Brooklyn Heights, later on to become the Magickal Childe. She continued her work upon opening Enchantments in 1982, where many formulas were created. Some of the 300 formulas include oils for love, money, and spiritual work.
In this class you will learn:                     
  • The Magick of oils
  • Mixology how to mix and measure for any amount and always achieve the same fragrance.
  • Popular perfume fragrance and their role in magick today
  • Enhancements, what you can add to your spell oils
  • Important single fragrances and their properties, so you have a foundation on which to create your own blends. Plus how to design an oil before blending.
Give your magick even more potency when you learn to employ the power of scent!



Astrology and Tarot Clasp Hands: Joining Divination Techniques




It is said that Astrology is the right hand and Tarot is the left hand of the Occult. Why not join them together to create a richer experience of divination! Lexa Roséan is a Wiccan High Priestess and has worked as a professional psychic Tarot reader and Astrologer for over 30 years.
Working with the Major Arcana, Lexa will teach you how to connect the Tarot cards with Astrological points (planets and signs) and how to extend the interpretation of the cards to your own natal chart. Did you draw the Wheel of Fortune from the deck? Where will the luck manifest in your life? Lexa can show you how to discover that through use of astrological knowledge of the Tarot and knowledge of your own (or a client’s) chart.
  • Bring your natal chart if you have it – if not, Lexa will be able to draw up select student’s charts to illustrate to the class providing the birth time is known
  • If you have a Tarot deck – bring it!
  • Discover how to predict accurate timing through astrological knowledge of the Tarot.
  • Learn how to do health readings with both Tarot and Astrology
  • Find more connection in your readings. Move away from the clichéd and learn to travel toward more specific and meaningful interpretation and divinatory experience



Voodoo and Afro-Caribbean Paganism

The world of voodoo is a universe populated with sacred gods, spirit possessions, and natural grace. Despite media portrayals of zombies and wild abandon, the religion is actually a complex system of nature-inspired belief. This class will answer your questions, and introduce you to the voodoo gods of fire, love, lightning, and more. Art and Altars of Africa and Beyond This class will explore the traditional religious art and altars of Africa and the Afro-diasporan world. Many different artists will be profiled and explored. We will also discuss instructions for setting up your own altars for love, money, peace, healing and more.


Warrior Goddesses and Queens of Africa

This class provides an exciting look at both the ancient and modern warrior queens, priestesses and goddesses of Africa. Discover the real Amazons and Zulu queens that grace Africa’s exciting history. Spiritual Lessons from the Sci-Fi Universe What does Worf from Star Trek have to do with Africa’s Ogun? What do little green men have to do with Sirius and Amazonian shamanism? How can the pitfalls to your destiny be found in the Twilight Zone? For the answers to these questions and more please tune in to this class.



“Understanding Khametic Myticism”

Queen Mothee Imakhu 1

Queen Mother Imakhu explains Ancient Egyptian culture and mysticism, and the magical meanings behind symbols, clothing, jewelry, prayer beads, and so much more. A practical workshop for those interested in broadening their magical knowledge from the original Ancient African perspective, and who want to “live the culture.”







How to Customize Your Magick to Work Specifically For You

Can’t get your spells to work? Utilizing spells from various books and sources may work just fine for many but for others, they may not. This is because the spell was written with belief and energetic systems that worked for the author but might not necessarily work in harmony with your own energy and the Patron Elements and Spirits that were assigned to you at birth to assist you. These are the custom Elements and Energies that will work with and enhance your own power and ability to get what you want. This course will teach you how to customize any spell by helping you discover and utilize your own Patron Elements, Planets, Deities and Dominant Psychic and Magickal Senses and Power so that all works harmoniously with you to truly help you achieve your goals. 





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